This is exactly why you need to call out bullies

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There will always be bullies in the world and it’s part of your duty to stop them from bullying others, to stop yourself from turning into one.

Jonas Gan was on an FX to Buendia when he noticed that his driver had a cleft palate. He made it a point “not to make fun of a person like him.”

It wasn’t long until nine others boarded the UV express, seven of them joining Jonas and his friend at the back, the other two in the middle.

And then it happened:

If you know that your friend is doing something wrong — call them out. Don’t mimic them thinking it’s ~cool~ to imitate someone’s speech defect. Jonas tried to stare them down, but no luck.

He raised it up a notch and started asking them if they were trying to be funny (because it ain’t).

The group had sarcastic remarks, but Jonas ended them with one sentence:

They stopped and apologized, saying they were just having fun. But as Jonas said, “Having fun is never an excuse” to be a lil ignorant bi$h.

Sadly, it didn’t end there.


“Don’t be a snowflake bystander.”

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