Every journo’s dream: The Titan Note is going to record and transcribe EVERYTHING for you

We The Pvblic

Journalists spend a lot of time transcribing an interview and apparently this little baby is going to do all the work for all you tired journos out there.

The new Titan Note is perfect for both students and professionals. It’ll help you record everything and accurately turn it into text and it’ll actually look a lot better than your own notes.

It can even summarize the whole talk for you. All you need to do is record.

It’s every student’s new best friend.

The product will be available by September, but until then, the introductory price of the product goes for around $80, roughly around P3980, inclusive of free shipping worldwide.

You can even share the notes too, saving everyone the hassle! You can get your very own Titan Note here and invest in one of the greatest inventions in the 21st century for the tired journo.

All photos from Indiegogo.

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