Empoy Marquez has another on-screen noodle scene on ‘The Barker’

We The Pvblic

But this time, sadly, it isn’t with Alessandra de Rossi.

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Empoy Marquez has proved himself worthy as a leading man in a film and Dennis Padilla knew it when the comedian made “The Barker”.

Empoy stars as Koko who trains to become a barker for jeepneys. One day, he meets Bela, played by Shy Carlos and soon enough, the cheesy, sweet lines and the on-screen noodle scene are back in play.


shy carlosBela gets taken away by her father. Ah, forbidden love. But we all know Koko isn’t one to give up, right?

At some point, Bela gets kidnapped by bad people and Koko gives the pvblic a taste of his action moves and everyone loves it.

The movie comes out on October 25.

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