Disney is making a live-action ‘Kim Possible’ movie!

We The Pvblic

Here’s the sitch: The unstoppable team of Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable (plus his naked mole rat Rufus), and Wade will finally have actors as their real-life counterparts in its upcoming live-action film, which is currently in the works according to Disney Channel.

90s kids could fondly look back on the series and admit to having its “Call Me, Beep Me” theme song memorized by heart. If you need a refresher, Kim Possible is a high school cheerleader who saves the world after the school bell rings. Along with her best friend and sidekick Ron, they foil the diabolical plans of Dr. Drakken, Monkey Fist, Professor Dementor, and many other evil geniuses and foes.

The animated series have had two movie spinoffs in the past, titled “Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama” and “Kim Possible Movie: Snitch in Time.”

Who do you think will play this “basic average girl”? The internet hopes its “Riverdale” actress Madelaine Petsch. And we actually want her to??


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