Date an Artist – Ignore the Warning Sign

Alerie Destreza

Date an artist simply because they are the real ones. In this world full of pretensions and people always aiming to be better than anyone else, they are the ones who are just comfortable and contented of what they have or who they are. They don’t do things for fame and monetary value, they do everything for passion and for love. Artists are too passionate you may not be able to handle it.

Artists alternate between fantasy and imagination and a rooted sense of reality. They go beyond what we think is real and later on, strange as it is we consider that it is true. They are the people you cannot categorized as traditional or conservative, optimist or realist because they exhibit all of this traits simultaneously. They have different view in life and different ways of expressing themselves. Compatibility is challenging for them. Finding a partner that would understand them is pretty hard as they seem to be a little “upside down” from time to time.

Artists have desirable traits that makes them irresistible. They are both extroverts and introverts. You will see them socializing with people trying to build a network or just having fun talking and learning from each other. Sometimes they are just sitting or standing quietly observing everyone. They are very observant. They notice things not visible to the eyes. They will see what others cannot. They are very appreciative of simple details and beauty. They appreciate the beauty of life, the calmness of nature, the sunset and sunrise, the chirping of the birds, the sound of waves surrounding them, the tune of music touching their soul. They are smart and naïve at the same time. These traits expose them to suffering and pain but that doesn’t stop them in doing what they love and living their life. They have the most charming and interesting approach to life.

Artists are good in thinking of ways to solve problems because they find challenges interesting and it stimulates their artistic thoughts. When inspiration strikes them – (in the most surprising moment), you will see them lost with their thoughts and forget everything around them. Do not get surprised if they turned quiet in the middle of meaningful and funny conversation. Do not get mad if they don’t reply to your messages because they like to disconnect when they are doing their art. Do not get overly dramatic if they can’t go out with you, they just need space, trust me you are important to them too it’s just that when they are doing their craft – nothing else matters.

Artists hate following rules as it restricts their artistic nature. They like doing things on their own and they normally follow what their hearts say. They are branded as rebels but this is one of the things you’ll see beautiful and precious about them because they have their own thoughts and they stand on what they believe in. Being different is one of the things that makes them very interesting. Do not get disappointed if they are not meeting your standards and expectations because they just simply not the kind of people that follows the norm.

Artists expresses themselves through their work. If you want to know them all you have to do is check their work as it says a lot about them, who they are, what they think, what they feel. They open themselves through their art but they find it hard to open up to people by talking or sharing which is why most people that do not appreciate art will find them weird and difficult to get along with. Their mysterious nature is what will make you love to chase them. Although, they are very expressive do not think for a second that they are the most romantic person on Earth because that changes from time to time (one day they like you and act so sweet, the next day you’ll feel that you don’t exist). If it happens do not give up on them, they may not be the most romantic one, they may have a different take on relationship but they you are the most passionate people you’ll ever know. If they are really into you, it is true, in a roller coaster kind of artist relationship there will be no lies and deceptions, everything is real.

Artists are unpredictable. They can change their opinions overnight specially with their artwork. They will love what they just accomplished and hate it after a day or week. The changed of what they feel is the reason behind this. They are very sensitive and emotional. Their openness makes them vulnerable. They are the extremes and in betweens.

Artists do not earn a lot and most of the time they do things for free. Money is not everything. Their artistic nature keeps them motivated. Being with them means experiencing life in the simplest way possible. They may not take you to expensive places and 5 star hotels but their creativity in making the most uninhabited places beautiful will sweep you off your feet. They are the people that can turn waste into art in the most unique way you can imagine.

Never date an artist as they are different. Never date an artist because they are hard to understand. Never date an artist because they are rebels. Never date an artist because they are unpredictable. Never date an artist because they are weird. Never date an artist because they are broke. All this “never date an artist” label because… should go to waste and must be ignored. If you want an artist to love you more than their art (which do not usually happens) it takes patience, understanding and a strong mind and heart. A relationship with an artist will be a very emotional yet the most amusing roller coaster ride you’ll ever experience in your lifetime. If you want something real, I say… date them but please don’t break their hearts as they are already broke as fuck. 

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