Daniel Padilla and Paul Salas just had a Twitter fight and it’s about to go down

We The Pvblic

Ano? Sagot.”


That’s what Daniel Padilla tweeted to Paul Salas.

Daniel challenged Paul to a basketball match after a tweet about the latter’s conversation with friends went viral.

A Twitter user got receipts on the shade Paul said about Daniel and JC de Vera’s near-scuffle at the Star Magic All-Star Game.

Marco Gumabao, Patrick Sugui and Anjo Damiles chimed in on the tweet:

And here was Daniel’s response:

Paul didn’t back down from the fight:

Here’s how their leading ladies reacted to everything:

Barbie Imperial

Kathryn Bernardo

Needless to say, the pvblic went wild

Jennica Sanchez even threw in a subtle tweet directed at Imperial:

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