Catch ‘Loving Vincent’ earlier than everyone else

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Van Gogh’s style of broad strokes and melancholic colors makes it easy to identify his paintings even a mile away.

And when you see a trailer rendered in the same rhythmic Impressionistic technique, you’d know it’s a biographical film on the celebrated Dutch painter.

“Loving Vincent” is the modern “Citizen Kane” movie that investigates the instances that led to Van Gogh’s suicide. It is the first animation film that was manually sketched 65,000 frames in oil paints. It took 125 artists learning and re-learning Van Gogh’s distinct painting style to make this animated-painting production possible.

The movie also references all of Van Gogh’s famous paintings, drawing its viewers to the worlds that the painter has lived in and has imagined on the canvas.

“Loving Vincent” will be the opening movie of the QCinema International Film Festival on Oct. 19. However, the opening night of the festival will be by invitation only. Boo!

Sneak previews of “Loving Vincent” will be shown in selected theaters on Oct. 23 and 24. It will be shown in theaters nationwide starting Nov. 1.

FYI film buffs, the movies included in the QCinema International Film Festival lineup will also run from Oct. 19 to Oct. 28 at Robinsons Galleria, Gateway, Trinoma, and UP Town Center cinemas.

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