Boysen’s new ‘puppy love’ ad is going to make you cry this Father’s Day

We The Pvblic

Boysen has been making incredible viral ads starting with the Wanda and Tootsie commercials which advocate the LGBTQ community in each one.

This time, they’re bringing in a new face in the ad — a little golden retriever.

We follow the life of this little pupper and his hooman from the day he was left outside the house of his teenage owner, to the day his human had his own “puppy”.BoysenWoof

The voiceover tells the pvblic that no matter what he did wrong, his owner never hit, scolded, or got mad at him for doing what he did, just like what a good dad should do.

At the end, we’ll see Clark the dog wearing a cute little get-up that matches his owner’s, and saying, “At kahit may puppy ka na… di mo ako pinalitan.”

boysen naman

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, especially the dog dads!

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