A bouquet in a sea of raging MRT commuters reminds us to love fiercely

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In a sea of people, there was only you.


We’re into the go out of your way to give the girl a bouquet type and we certainly saw the effort in the raging sea of MRT commuters.

We’re suckers for cute little surprises and whoever’s holding that bouquet pretty much loves whoever the receiver is, enough to go on with other commuters in a jampacked MRT train.

Facebook user PJ Lanot captured the moment at MRT Quezon Avenue, saying:

Brad, kung girl ako & at ako ang recipient niyan, mamahalin kita ng tunay dahil sa effort mong bitbitin yan mula Taft. Crush na kita bro, pakiss nga.”

It’s a cute little reminder that although sometimes everything seems lost, love is not dead, even if Chris Pratt and Anna Faris have called it quits. Make your own little bundle of sunshine with the one you love.

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