Boracay now has a liquor ban on beaches, river fronts, and pvblic places

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Boracay has been quite a gem in the Philippines and it’s a popular tourist destination for both locals and foreigners alike thanks to its pristine white sand.

Well, back in the day, when it wasn’t crowded with tourists and broken bottles spread over the sand during Laboracay.

Now the local government of Boracay is finally taking action and there’ll be expanded restrictions imposed on booze.

Inquirer reported that the municipal council of Malay will pass an ordinance regulating the drinking of alcoholic beverages in pvblic places including beaches.

The ban will prohibit the drinking of alcoholic beverages within five meters of riverbanks, pvblic parks, and beach areas.

It includes areas six meters from the center of roads, alleys, sidewalks, along with sports complex and grounds.

Whoever violates it will be fined P500 for the first offense, P1000 for the second offense, and P2500 for repeat offenders or imprisonment of 30 days.

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