Blooming at your own pace, in your own space

They say there are two kinds of people in this world – those who have a solution to every problem and those who have a problem to every solution.

This is for everybody who has ever been slandered for their becoming.

Avoid negative people. They will corrupt even the slightest light left in you – will pull on your weaknesses, will expose your flaws and exploit your sympathy that grew silent from their constant abuse, constant comparisons, constant complaints.

What you don’t do right and what you’ve been doing wrong are the only things that matter to them, despite them telling you otherwise when things need some damage control. They will manipulate you into believing you’ve been doing them wrong all this time – that they wouldn’t have acted towards you that way if only you didn’t prompt them to: That you do not understand them, when in truth they don’t understand you. Not because they can’t, but because they don’t want to.

You there growing tired of the routinary judgment. You there tired of defending them to yourself. You there belittled for your lacking. The standards they constructed for you to fail, the formula to success intended only for those who are simply not you. The only people worth something are those who have managed to reach the finish line quicker.

They do not understand what it is to be a lotus in the mud, or a diamond in the rubble. They don’t understand how diamonds come to be. They love them for their standards and the false facade it entitles them -They do not understand its makings.

Nobody has the right to trample on your existence no matter their intentions, their inadequate reasons. Nobody has the right to tell you you are incapable of doing things beyond eating and sleeping, because you are capable of so much more.

You are capable of loving these people. Of being honest enough to acknowledge these exposed flaws. Of an open mind. Of being humble to and in your struggle. You are capable of safekeeping your own unique rundown. Of being brave enough to trust yourself. Of believing you damn well can.

You are capable of everything you wanna be. Fuck those who don’t believe in you.

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