The pvblic rekindles Heart Evangelista and Jericho Rosales’ love with a ‘La La Land’ reference

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There’s always going to be that someone you pictured your life with, who you always knew was the one for you — even if that someone was the one that got away.

Tim Yap captured the enchanting moment and captioned it: “Two old friends meet again.”

Two old friends meet again at the Rimowa dinner #aluminumoriginal

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Heart met Echo’s wife Kim Jones at the event as well.

Evangelista and Rosales broke up in 2008, but it was only in 2013 when Heart revealed why their relationship ended. She considers Echo as her “greatest love”.

In her interview with Yes magazine for its May 2013 issue, Heart mentioned that her parents made her believe that Jericho cheated on her with Malaysian actress Carmen Soo.

Heart had just patched things up with her parents after three years of not talking because she fought for her relationship with Jericho. Her parents didn’t approve of the relationship because he had a child from a previous relationship.

“I didn’t see them for three years at that time and I missed them so much. And I was also going though a lot, I was struggling with life. I was confused.”

“Although I was happy, it was hard to be happy in one area and everything else seems like it’s falling apart. But the moment I got back with them, naging okay kami,” Evangelista said.

During that time, Rosales was in Malaysia with Soo for “Kahit Isang Saglit.”

“When they said that he was cheating on me with Carmen Soo, I really did think that he was. I really thought that he cheated on me. I really did. And that was because they told me that he was and I was convinced,” she added.

In a separate interview with Cosmopolitan, Evangelista adds that she believes in the idea of a “one true love”.

Rosales cried on national television days after his split with Evangelista. “[It was] all because of the things being told to her, the lies.”

Evangelista stated before that it wasn’t sad that she didn’t end up with Rosales.

“At least you met him. It’s not sad because it was so great that you’ll never, ever forget. You can still feel it to this day. The way I see it, I’m just so happy I experienced it because not all people do,” she said.

“You and me against the world,” Evangelista added.

“We could live in a kubo, I don’t care if we eat in a carinderia, my God, magkamay tayo! It’s the best life I ever had, and I will never forget it.”

We’re emotionally invested and we seriously think there was a “La La Land” moment for these two when they saw each other again.

But just so you know:

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