WATCH: Tom Holland reveals ‘Infinity Wars’ poster ‘accidentally’ and his reaction is cute AF!

Gil Cadiz

Our favorite Spider-Man, Tom Holland, received a package from one of his Hollywood uncles, Mark Ruffalo, and decided to unbox the package live on Instagram.

He pulls a poster out of the package which is revealed to be that of the next big Marvel movie “Avengers: Infinity Wars”. Next, he pulls out a paper and reads a note written on it by Ruffalo himself. Then he flips the paper over only to read these boldly written words: CONFIDENTIAL and DO NOT SHARE.

Upon realizing that he just publicly violated his non-disclosure agreement, he frantically tried turning his camera off – the look of panic on his face was simply gold!

We know it’s part of the brilliant marketing campaign of Marvel Cinematic Universe, but fake or not, we can all agree that Tom’s so cute!

Watch the YouTube version of the video here:

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