Ne-Yo is making a comeback to all your favorite hits!

Kaka Corral

I used to listen to everything Ne-Yo back in the good ol’ days where all I had to worry about was my grades and getting to the next level of RuneScape.

Ne-Yo has gone a long way since his old tunes which we all love, no doubt about it. “So Sick”? Sang along to it until I understood what the lyrics meant throughout the years. “When You’re Mad”? Kinky lovin’. “Sexy Love”? For all I know, Ne-Yo is my sexy love.

Throughout these recent years, we’ve only heard a bit of him every now and then with dancefloor hits, mostly bits of him featured. Well, I’m here to say: I want the old Ne-Yo hits.

And he heard us. He actually heard us. My childhood hero is going to make new songs with the same kind of vibe I grew up to and it is a damn honor, fam.

Ne-Yo, don’t let me down. Your number one fan, Kaka who had a file case with a photo of you on it back in high school.

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