James Deakin: ‘Stop rewarding bad behavior and start holding road users accountable’

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Automotive journalist James Deakin expressed his frustration on the misapplication of traffic laws on truck driver Tedy Gotis who was arrested for reckless imprudence which resulted in the death of a 16-year-old.

“Meet Mang Tedy. He was driving his truck when a 16-year-old, unlicensed, drunk and helmet-less motorcycle rider ran into him,” he wrote.

“He was immediately arrested for reckless imprudence resulting in death simply because our laws, or the misapplication and interpretation of it, automatically holds the bigger vehicle or uninjured party liable for someone else’s stupidity and irresponsibility.”

“We need to stop rewarding bad behavior and start holding road users personally accountable for their actions. Free this man now,” he adds, putting the #FreeMangTedy hashtag at the end.

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