The best streetstyle Oxygen looks from Donny Pangilinan, Kiana Valenciano and Mauri Loosli

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Streetwear-savvy, multi-talented and genuinely cool best describe Donny Pangilinan, Kiana Valenciano and Mauri Loosli – the newest endorsers of streetwear brand Oxygen.

Featured on the windows of over 70 Oxygen stores in the Philippines and Vietnam, as well as in online teasers that had fans flipping out on social media, the cool new campaign features the brand’s key holiday pieces, including easy fit tees, graphic hoodies, selvedge denim, and active-inspired coordinates.

From pursuits in music and dance to their own personal styles, being true to oneself and not trying too hard is at the core of these cool kids’ lives and styles.

Donny Pangilinan is a rising star in the local entertainment industry. Known to his fans as both a charismatic MYX VJ and a talented singer and dancer, Donny seems to effortlessly belong under the spotlight.

Donny for #OxygenClothingWith great taste and a good eye for streetwear outfits, Donny mentions that Oxygen clothing fits his everyday style.

Donny for #OxygenClothing (2)

Donny for #OxygenClothing (1)When asked during the campaign shoot about what pieces he liked the most, Donny answered, “The pants, the long sleeves, the hoodies – everything I wore today!”

Donny for #OxygenClothing (3)Kiana is a talented musician with an amazing voice, and is definitely the perfect girl to represent Oxygen’s ladies line.

Kiana for #OxygenClothing (2)Between gracing magazine covers and also having studied fashion design in London, this girl is definitely no stranger to the fashion industry.

Kiana for #OxygenClothing (1)Kiana for #OxygenClothing (3)“It’s really good!” she said, when asked about Oxygen’s Holiday 2017 pieces. “People should check out the whole new collection.”

Kiana for #OxygenClothingMauri Loosli is an up-and-coming model whose charisma has given him a strong social media following.

Mauri for #OxygenClothingA quick look through his Instagram feed and you’ll notice that besides modeling, he loves dance – and he’s great at it!

Mauri for #OxygenClothing (3)The rising model was first discovered by the brand at a lifestyle shoot, where he arrived on set wearing clothes from Oxygen.

Mauri for #OxygenClothing (2)When asked how he felt about the new collection, he was direct to the point, “It’s dope! You should really check them out.”

Mauri for #OxygenClothing (1)Oxygen fits effortlessly into their wardrobe for both its on-trend aesthetic and affordable prices: starting at P299 for tees and accessories, P799 for bottoms, and P999 for jackets.

In today’s hype culture, Oxygen provides authentically cool pieces that don’t break the bank.

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