Get ready for another doggo video that will make you feel things

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Doggos make life worth it — no questions asked. They’re loyal, cute, obedient (sometimes) — and they’re always there for you. Your doggo is your best friend. This doggo was this lolo’s best friendCh.

Globe Telecom released a “Create New Traditions” video today with the caption: “Check out this cute doggo!”

Because we’re suckers for dogs, of course we watched the video and of course it wasn’t an ordinary cute dog video. Don’t worry, it’ll only make you weep all throughout.

It starts out with the doggo scavenging the garbage for something to eat until this lolo found it. He gave the cockapoo food, water — a home. He taught him how to high five, how to sit as they enjoyed each other’s company. The two of them set up a Christmas tree, with lolo giving the pup an angel on his new collar.

As they take a walk one day, lolo finds a “lost dog” poster on a post. The dog’s name was “Chobo,” a male cockapoo with brown hair.

He seemed conflicted that night as he watched and petted little Chobo on his bed, maybe for the last time.

But he knew he had to do the right thing.

Watch the video below:

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