Pikachu speaks English in this new movie and 90’s kids are mad

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Pikachu can speak English for the first time in this new Pokémon movie and the pvblic didn’t know how to handle it.

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Pokémon: I Choose You! finally hit US to the delight of Pokémon fans — as well as 90’s kids who all played the Pokemon game on Gameboys and those who watched the first ever episode of the anime.

We all know Pikachu only knows how to say its name, or “Pika” when responding to Ash. But what really blew fans’ minds was the first time that Pikachu spoke. Words. Actual words. In plain English.

As Ash starts to faint, he asks Pikachu why the little yellow critter won’t go back to its Pokéball.

Pikachu responds, in the sweetest voice, “It’s because I always want to be with you.”

How did the pvblic take it? Well, the fan reaction sums it all up:

Here’s what the pvblic said on Twitter:

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