Hashtag Franco’s girlfriend posts heartbreaking photos after his death

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Prepare to get heartbroken as you take a look at the Instagram of Janica Floresca, the girlfriend who continues to mourn the death of Hashtag member Franco Hernandez.

The Hashtag member reportedly drowned after a strong wave caused Janica and him to fall off their motorized bangka in Davao Occidental.

Floresca survived after being rescued, however, Hernandez was unconscious and pronounced dead on arrival.

Floresca took to social media to express her grief, sharing bittersweet photos of the two. “You’ll never be replaced,” she said in one post.

You will never be replaced

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Take a look at the others:

The 26-year-old tells Janica, “I love you so much love. Thank you na mahaba ang patience mo. Sorry din kung… wala. Basta. Love you so much.”

(I love you so much, love. Thank you for having great patience. I’m sorry too if… nothing. I just love you so much.)

He asks her if she enjoyed their trip, and she replied, Siyempre basta kasama kita. (Of course, as long as I’m with you.)

She added in the caption: “Bakit naman ganon mahal, ang unfair. Sabi mo sakin you want to make more memories with me.”


This one gives us a glimpse of Janica and Franco’s love story.

Here’s another one as they sing along LANY’s “ILYSB,” exchanging sweet kisses.

My heart hurts so good and iloveyou so bad so bad. @m_lmnln

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Our hearts hurt so bad. RIP, Franco.

half year 😊

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