The coolest ‘Stranger Things’ merch in town

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Just like how the Mind Flayer and his demogorgon army sneaked its way to Hawkins, the Globe Lifestyle store has been pretty low-key about their awesome “Stranger Things” merch.

And there’s just no way we’re gonna let them get away with it.

Yes, the telecommunications company has its own shop, and it’s where geeks can head over to shop their holiday looks, inspired heavily by today’s well-loved “Stranger Things” characters.

Take this color-block sweater, for example. Doesn’t it look like something Steve Harrington would have in his closet? It also has the embroidered words “Stranger” in front and “Things” at the back. Cool, right?

Stranger-Things-Sweatshirt-Flat-Front-800x800This simple black pullover is perfect for streetwear OOTDs, late-night jogs, or some Netflix and chill sessions. It also has a friendly reminder: Friends don’t lie.


We know Dustin didn’t use his iconic cap that much this season, but you’d probably still want one for yourself, right?

Dustin capThis one’s made cuter with an “upside down” design, which even has the same font face as the show’s logo.

Dustin cap 2Only people deep in he fandom will get this kickass graphic crew tee. #JusticeForBenny #CravingForBurgers

Benny-s-Burger-Flat-Front3-800x800Probably the strangest thing about the shows characters is that its audience all feel like they’re childhood friends with the Hawkins gang. Legitimize your entry to the party by copping this Hawkins jacket.

Hawkins-Letterman-Jacket-Flat-Front-800x800The 0917 Stranger Things collection is available at the Globe Iconic Store in Bonifacio High Street, Taguig, and select Globe GEN3 stores nationwide. Remember, only true fans say #YesToLicensedMerch!

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