The new ‘Blockers’ movie is going to make you love John Cena a lot more

We The Pvblic

We definitely can see you in this “Blockers” trailer, John Cena.

Your favorite wrestler has a new movie coming out and yes, the rumors are true — he’s an overprotective parent who’ll block anyone who gets near his daughter.

Blockers starring Leslie MannJohn Cena and Ike Barinholtz shows how these nervy parents handle prom night when their daughters talk in emojis, on the brink of losing their virginities.

Originally titled The Pact, the three leads who star as parents go to daring lengths to stop their children from having sex.

Oh, and former wrestler Cena tries to chug beer from his butt, in case you were wondering.

It’ll be out in the UK next April. Excited?

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