The Portal closes on a high note

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The pvblic enjoyed the world of marketing and innovation as the Philippine Junior Marketing Association (PJMA) ended its annual General Assembly on a high note.

PORTAL: Exploring Marketing Dimensions happened at the Marian Auditorium, Miriam College — Quezon City on October 1 from 12 pm to 5 pm and sure enough, the crowd was packed with enthusiastic students.

_DSC0231Students were able to showcase their skills as they participated in friendly competitions.

4A lot of opportunities were opened with the help of the job fairs and the seminars that were conducted in the assembly.

27And there were some who finally became official members of PJMA for this Academic Year!

“A heartfelt gratitude to all the student leaders, professors, and corporate luminaries for joining us in PORTAL: Exploring Marketing Dimensions,” PJMA wrote in its official Facebook page. “The General Assembly has ended in great success!”

_DSC0224“We look forward to seeing you all again. Together, let us ignite the junior marketers’ passion for success!”

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