The newest ramen you’ll crave this rainy season

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We don’t know about you, but the rainy weather makes us crave for ramen whenever we hear the pitter-patter on our rooftops.

While the best-selling Happiness Ramen is Hanamaruken’s unique signature dish, the Japanese ramen joint created an equally delectable but different kind of noodle bowl.

It’s been too long since they introduced a new dish, and their Ebi Ramen was worth the wait. Its rich and milky prawn broth is teaming with briny shellfish flavors, and there’s also a hint of sweetness in every slurp.


Each Ebi Ramen bowl has three fresh succulent tiger prawns and a smooth and savory aji tamago egg—a perfect mix of ingredients that plays around various textures that complements the sweet and creamy tare well.

This new ramen bowl is a refreshing addition to Hanamaruken’s menu, and it’s actually the first time the restaurant chain from Osaka came out with seafood ramen. Not only is it a tasty blend, it creates a different ramen experience altogether—one that is filling, yet has lesser calories!

Like the Happiness Ramen, that features a whole slab of rib in traditional tonkotsu broth in every bowl, the Ebi Ramen also costs P580 per serving.

Among their new menu items are the Bacon, Tomato, and Egg Soba; Hiyashi Ebi with Soy Sesame Dressing; and Double-egg Oyakodon.

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