To the unsung hero, #ThankYouTeacher

We The Pvblic

When you leave the house and head off to school, you come home to your second mother: the one who nurtures your thoughts and helps you learn new things — your teacher.

#ThankYouTeacher for getting up early every day to fill the minds of your students with wonder and awe with every topic the class goes through.

#ThankYouTeacher for your kindness and your patience whenever we can’t find the answer to your question.

#ThankYouTeacher for not giving up on that one student who was ready to give up on himself.

#ThankYouTeacher for helping mold us into better people, educating us to get ready for the real world, and for the real world to be ready for us.

In honor of National Teachers’ Day, the pvblic wanted to thank their heroes for helping them become who they are today.

To the unsung hero of our lives, #ThankYouTeacher.

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