This Uber driver’s story will inspire you

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Yumiko Yoshiy booked an Uber to the University of Makati to take the Philippine Law School Admission Test (PhiLSAT).

His driver tells him that he wanted to become a lawyer, although he wasn’t able to finish his pre-law course, AB Economics, due to financial problems.

Before he became an Uber driver, he started out as a taxi driver, then into a family driver. He saved enough money for his two children to go to college, not wanting them to go through the hardships of life he had to deal with.

His eldest son finished college, eventually passing PhiLSAT. He was supposed to go to PUP Law. Days before he was supposed to enroll, his son was killed.

As they were nearing UMak, the driver asked him an unusual favor: Do good. “The world needs more lawyers who have the heart to serve the people.”

Uber tweeted back, asking Yumiko to share what he wishes for his driver so they could do something extra special to brighten his day.

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