8 Lit millennials representing the Next Gens

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Global sneaker brand PONY is the distinctive choice for Next Gens—always seeking to take their ambitions to the next level, they are visionaries when it comes to style, fashion and attitude. Next Gens exude confidence living in the present with the remarkable ability to leave a stamp in the future while respecting tradition and history.


PONY introduces eight personalities, who embody the brand’s independent spirit and #LetsGetItOn attitude, with #TheNextUs—a new platform for the young urbanites to speak their mind, express themselves and make their voice heard.

waf nawafWaf Nawaf Al Hassawi

21, National University

Young and unapologetically real, Waf is one of the hottest up and coming DJs in the country. Aside from music, he’s also passionate about sports and travel. “I can easily adjust in different cultures.” he shares. He embodies the Let’s Get it On mantra by never giving up his dreams.



JJ Espanola
22 , University of the Philippines

JJ is one of UAAP’s rising basketball stars. He dares to stay true to NYC attitude of Pony by tackling challenges head on to succeed in life. “I don’t settle for complacency. I’m passionate about the grind to leading my career and goals in life.” he adds.


Stephen Quizon

19, University of the Philippines

Host and aspiring theater actor, Stephen, sets his eyes on the prize by standing out from the crowd. “I am driven. I make sure that I give my 101% best in everything that I am doing. I don’t settle for mediocre work.” he shares. Eager and passionate to learn new things, he takes the Let’s Get It On attitude to make his parent proud.

joshuaJoshua Beltran

19, University of San Carlos Cebu

Youth against the mainstream, that’s Joshua. One of USC’s best tri-athletes, he stays true to himself and keeps his eyes on the prize. Despite being a busy student-athlete, he makes sure that he gets to spend time with God, putting Him first above everything. “I am proud of what I’ve become, ‘because I am a better person now. I’m a fighter.” he declares.

veniceVenice Slaughter

20, Ateneo de Davao University

A born a risk taker, Venice is a medicine student and adventure enthusiast that aims to make her voice heard, staying true to unfiltered youth culture. For her Let’s Get It On means that you’re always up for anything, unleashing the inner adventurer and explorative person in you. “I’m just like any girl, except I do things because it’s what I want to and not because other people want me to.” she says.


Chelsea Manalo

18, De La Salle University Araneta

One of the next big things in the modeling industry, Chelsea is true to herself and comfortable in being real. She is brave and confident because of her complexion that makes her stand out more. For her Pony’s unfiltered youth culture is all about taking positive steps in life to keep moving forward, leading to achievements. She says, “I’m passionate about inspiring people, speaking out and spreading the positivity.”

sosySosy Orsini

18, Colegio de San Juan de Letran

Volleyball player Sosy is fearless and made to stand out. For her Let’s Get It On meaning being ready to anything life throws your way—being strong and powerful beyond measure. Being a student-athlete, she is able to balance academics and athletics well. Aside from sports and school, her advocacy is the environment. She shares, “For me, saving the Philippine Seas will be the most fulfilling thing that I can do.”


angelaAngela Bueno

19, University of San Carlos Cebu

Motivated and dedicated, Angela is born to stand out. This young entrepreneur is passionate about creating things and collaborating with other young bloods. “I believe there’s so much that can be done in this lifetime and I wouldn’t wanna waste any time. I may be a small girl but I’ve always had the knack to take on big things.” she tells. Imbibing Pony’s urbanite against the mainstream attitude, she has the grit to pursue her dreams, fearless in the face of failure.

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