You’re going to love these if you have a Filipino potty mouth

Kaka Corral

If swearing comes as second nature to you, these aesthetic Filipino cusswords will make you want to say it out loud all day every day.


Jade Argarin created a list of Filipino swear words swears illustrated in different typography styles.

We the Pvblic interviewed Jade for his inspiration behind the project and here’s what he said:

How often do you curse?

I’d say, all the time, whenever I’m around with my friends I feel like I can express myself better every time I curse. There are some instances where I even say multiple curses in a single sentence hahaha.

How long can you go without cursing?

Even though I curse a lot, I think I can go for a day without cursing especially when I’m at home, I never swear when my parents and relatives are around.

What’s your inspiration behind the project, or rather, who? Hehe.

Well, my inspiration for this project is how we Filipinos use curse words in a conversation. The different designs that were used in the project represents the different emotions a curse word can express depending on how it was used. For instance, how a single Curse word like “kingina” can express intense happiness, anger, or distress.

What’s your favorite curse word?

I can say that my favorite curse word is “putang ina” since I can be creative in terms of how I say it hahaha.

How did you come up with some of the designs?

Some of the designs were original concepts and others were mixtures of current trends in design.

Do you have similar projects?

Apparently, this project is a final plate for one of my graphic design class. It’s my first time to create something like this, surprisingly people on twitter got crazy about it hahaha.

Which one’s your favorite artwork? Why?

The one that says “PUTA” is what I like the most, not only it is my favorite curse word but the visual presentation of it is aesthetically pleasing, however the word itself is the total opposite of how it looks hahaha.

Check out more of Jade Argarin‘s work on Behance.

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