WATCH: Here’s how Taylor Swift turned into a zombie

We The Pvblic

Taylor Swift as a zombie is pretty terrifying, and it takes a lot of effort to make her transform into one too.


In Taytay’s “Look What You Made Me Do music video, the singer rises from the grave, looking like she’s out to munch on all those who wronged her. Well, a new behind-the-scenes clip showed just how Swift transitioned from singer to a creepy-looking zombie.

The sneak peek gives the pvblic a glimpse into the intricate effort it takes to make T-Swizzle look like she’s part of the back-up dancers in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller“. Bits of moss cover her dress, her hair, her skin. Swift’s veins have been spray painted on. Dirt’s all over her arms and the contact lenses make the perfect zombie.

She winks at the camera in her ghoulish demeanor and we’re a bit disturbed. Ace job on the makeup.

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