Sarahah gets your phone’s contacts with a feature that doesn’t exist yet

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Sarahah is the new anonymous messaging app that’s taking over Twitter and Facebook the past few weeks. It’s the 2017 Formspring and if you’ve been through that highschool era, you know that usually those anonymous messages are up to no good.


Well, the app apparently hit no. 1 on the App Store last month and it’s been the talk of the social media town with its latest bump on the road: it apparently harvests your phone’s email addresses and contact numbers to be put in the app’s servers.

The Intercept reported it first that the app gets information from your address book and sends it to remote servers on both Android and iOS operating systems.

But Sarahah’s developer Zain Alabdin Tawfiq has finally spoken up about the issue, saying that the point of getting data was for a “find your friends” feature for release in the future. It hasn’t stored any data yet in the database. The feature will be removed in its next update.



“It is impossible for anyone but the developer to know if the data is being stored or just used, and if stored, how well it is protected,” The Intercept mentioned.

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