This is how you don’t react to someone who attempted suicide

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A third year Commerce student of University of Santo Tomas attempted suicide yesterday at the school premises. The victim was rushed to the hospital, according to Philippine Star.

It added that sources mention the student had jumped from the fourth floor of the building, falling on the roof of the Artlets Student Council office.

Philippine Star
Philippine Star

Suicide is not a laughing matter, nor is it anything you should take lightly. It isn’t anything you should joke about with your friends too, whether it’s in your private group chats, or out in the open.

This is how you shouldn’t react to someone who had just attempted suicide, to someone struggling with depression.


“Kaya nga eh commerce na nga lang tumalon pa HAHAHA,” one person commented. You already belittled not only the victim, but the student body of that course, and you even laughed at the fact that the victim had attempted suicide.

What kind of person does that make you? Not a very good one.

If you know anyone, anyone at all struggling, do not hesitate to help them. If we’re just going to spend our lives being awful people, what’s the point of it all?

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