Photography tips from influencers Janeena Chan, Camie Juan and Miles Ocampo

Vinz Lamorena

Here’s another thing we can file under millennial problems: social media pressure.

It’s not as though the generation is constantly living their lives behind filters or are motivated by the posts they can upload on their feeds, but the ever-instructive internet has opened up a new world of possibilities that one can dare dream of living.

From a whole range of new restaurants and hole in the walls to try, places in high altitudes or are way across the ocean, or even products and fashion finds that are discovered because of the people we choose to follow, social media compels individuals to go out and experience life’s diverse and eccentric offerings for themselves—and photos are there to prove it happened.

“Social media pressure is really rampant, especially because you see how awesome other feeds are. Consider it OC problems or Instagram problems, which may seem shallow, but on a deeper level it is our (generation’s) way of expressing ourselves. In a way, it’s a form of art as well,” blogger Janeena Chan shared.

While it may be considered as a shallow millennial culture (or addiction) to keep on shooting food, art exhibits, music festivals and just about anything, it also exposes and influences people to subscribe to a lifestyle where they can embody a fun, outgoing, spontaneous and fearless personality.

And these are the exact characteristics that sum up the most followed people of today—whether it’s bloggers, vloggers, artists, photographers, or entrepreneurs of different spheres of influence and discipline.

Wonder what goes on in the minds of digital influencers before they post online? We asked Fujifilm’s “femmetographers,” or women known to enjoy life and inspire others to snap away during their fun adventures, to know first-hand.

What do you usually try to communicate with the photos you take and post on social media? Does it say something about your personality?

Janeena Chan: Mostly I just wanna share my personality—colorful but bright and light. I just want people to feel the emotions that I do—I know some feeds are very dramatic or dark, that’s not me. I also don’t stick to just one thing. Basically I show my life—behind the scenes (of shows and events), food, fashion, travel, activities.

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Camie Juan: There’s really more to me than just the typical blogger flat lays. I wanna share different kinds of photography that I’ve done—from travel, lifestyle, portraits even concerts, it’s really hard to take photos in dark places. I guess you could say that my photos are versatile. I’ve shown different kinds of aesthetic, and I have different kinds of styles and depth too.  I’ve done a bit of street because I was inspired by my boyfriend. I tried it and found that I have a little knack for it—I just haven’t posted these online. I’m excited to try and show my works on street photography.

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Miles Ocampo: I’m not (that well-versed) on the technical side. What I see, I take a photo of it. For me wala akong specific theme or subject. So far ang mga hilig ko talaga picturan mga flowers. It makes me happy. It’s very light, and bright yung colors.

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What’s your top photography tip?

Miles Ocampo: Most of the feeds we see on Instagram, they shoot beautiful photos abroad. Pero maganda rin naman yung ipapakita mo yung mga andito sa Philippines, our nature, our (scenic) views.


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Camie Juan: Don’t live your life behind the lens ‘cause you’re gonna miss out. You’re gonna have all these beautiful photos, but when somebody asks you the story behind these would you have something to tell? So that’s my top tip. It’s important for me to have a lot of content cause I post it on Instagram, Twitter, my blog. A lot of people expect that I’d be spending most of my time taking photos but what I do is give myself 10 minutes to just do everything I have to do for work then forget the camera.

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