Don’t Blame The Kids’ new ‘Telefuture — Delivery 2’ drop plays with vintage in the new age

We The Pvblic

Don’t Blame The Kids is a Manila-based lifestyle and clothing brand which aims to change the mindset of people to kids all around the world with its straightforward message.

The apparel company released its most recent apparel Telefuture — Delivery 2 and the nostalgic, innovative combination comes across as classic yet advanced.

It says in its website:

According to one of our nation’s icons Dr. Jose Rizal, he who does not know how to look back at where he came from will never get to his destination.

With this collection, we take a step back and take you through time to give our recognition and acknowledgements to the forefathers of style in the 80s.

“We make it a point to promote our own originality, and keep up with our consistency,” DBTK adds.

“In this release, we bring you not only our own revolution and contribution in the streetwear scene, but also message for us to look back and pay our respects to those who paved the way.”

Stay passionate. Stay hungry. Stand up, but nevertheless, sit down. Stay humble.

Set your own standard. Lazy never made you and me.


For more information, check out Don’t Blame The Kids’ website.

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