‘100 Tula para kay Stella’ director speaks up: ‘Ang dami kong pinalampas’

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100 Tula para kay Stella director Jason Paul Laxamana has finally spoken up after being mobbed on social media by the pvblic for not being able to take in criticism.

Laxamana received criticism with the way he handled criticism of his Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino entry, often times, with a witty, cold remark.

While the director retweeted every bit of fan art made by 100 Tula para kay Stella lovers, as well as gave them thanks for kind words, he also responded to those who criticized his work.

“I was known as a (President) Duterte supporter during the campaign period. So, they’re trying to bring that up to try to demonize the film, parang ‘wag niyo suportahan ang film kasi ganyan ganyan (because of this and that). Nag-invent na sila ng mga statement na, ‘Pro-War on Drugs yan (the film) so pro siya sa killing ni Kian [delos Santos] eh wala naman akong sinasabi pro ako dun. It has become political on one hand,” the director told Philippine Star.

Laxamana tells Philippine Star that he can separate his political beliefs from his craft, from his art:

Ako, nagagawa ko separately like, for example, in 100 Tula Para Kay Stella, it actually has an anti-war on drugs message kahit leaning ako kay Duterte. Di ko naman ginagawang propaganda ang pelikula ko. I’m for diversity of political ideologies. I will have characters who are pro and anti. But, you know, these people will go, you’re a hypocrite etc., etc., because you have that character. They don’t get that aspect that I don’t politicize (my films). I don’t have an agenda.

“The other thing is, also on Twitter, I’ve been monitoring reviews and I’ve read negative ones although most are positive. But what’s misleading (with the viral critical posts) is they’re trying to make it appear that I’m responding to each negative review, which is not true,” he explained.

Nag-select lang sila ng i-ilan na ni-respondihan ko (They’ve selected a few that I’ve responded to) and made it appear that I couldn’t accept criticism. Pero ang dami kong pinalampas.”

“But, I think, all that’s happening now is based on the assumption that the artist or the filmmaker cannot respond, which I disagree with. You are free to criticize, I am free to respond.”

“They’re trying to make it appear that I’m stopping people from criticizing,” Laxamana said.

Wala naman akong pinipigilan but you can’t strip away my right to respond as well. That’s my stand.”

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