#FireMocha: The Pvblic wants Mocha out

DISCLAIMER: Before anything else, this has nothing to do with “symbolism”. This is the real shit.

So, the “GREATEST KA-DDS” aka the PCOO assistant secretary is dominating the social media scene once again.

Mocha Uson used another “rotten” news article to call out certain politicians. Mocha recently posted on Twitter an article published a year ago by Inquirer. She put a graphic header that reads “CALLING LENI, BAM, Trillanes, Hontiveros, Kelan niyo dadalawin ito?”

Because of this, the pvblic didn’t hesitate to react on Mocha’s tweet.

2. She is biased as hell. She’s known to be a hardcore supporter of the Duterte administration, but the least she could do is be transparent on her opinions towards the current administration.

3. She’s irrelevant. She has the tendency to create her own meaningless points to make her “ka-DD” believe in everything that she says.

4. She’s an actress. Mocha knows how to act when she needs to. She sugarcoats everything she says.

5. She’s a businesswoman. She talks like a business-oriented person. She knows when to say yes or no. She does everything just for her own sake. Mocha creates non-sense blog contents to make her blog more famous so she would be able to enable plug-ins or pop-up ads on her social media accounts.

firemochaAlthough Mocha has already deleted her tweet, the pvblic has receipts and they are on fire. Here’s some aloe vera:

Well said.


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