Van Damme Stallone is his own star and everyone needs to see it

Kaka Corral

“Ito ka, ito ako.”

It only took 15 minutes. Just 15 darn minutes for me to cry my eyes out to Star na si Van Damme Stallone.

The movie plays on emotions: it makes you laugh, makes you cry. It makes you say: AWWWWWW.

Image uploaded from iOS (25)Candy Pangilinan plays Nadia, or better known as Ermat, a single parent who makes ends meet for her two boys Tano and Van Damme Stallone (nicknamed Vanvan).

Who knew that buttoning a shirt could be so emotional?! Well, not me, until I saw it. And I understood.

Image uploaded from iOS (24)The movie serves as an eyeopener for people who misunderstand what Down syndrome really is. It isn’t just an extra chromosome, it’s not a sickness that could be treated. It’s something that stays with you.

Candy, who herself has a child with Down syndrome, tells Cinema Bravo: “Hindi siya sakit na pwedeng gamutin. Narealize ko na, ah, lifetime pala ito.”

“Siguro automatic na yan sa magulang who will cope,” she added.

The film shows the struggles and challenges you can face while raising a differently-abled child, how bullies will never cease to exist and how strong you and your family have to be to cope and to protect each other.

Ermat teaches her children not to let anyone walk all over them — a valuable lesson for everyone.

“I feel so blessed and grateful that there are a lot more people watching it [Star na si Van Damme Stallone] and seeing it and being aware of what’s happening of children who are differently-abled,” Candy Pangilinan told We the Pvblic, trying to hush her jolly excited son, Quentin, in between.

“I’m very happy and I hope more people can watch it for awareness.”

Catch it in theaters from August 16 to 22, don’t miss out.

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