FUNNY: Someone made a thread on ‘Millennials killed’ headlines and they are on fire

We The Pvblic

Someone made a thread on a “Millennials killed” headlines and they are too on point.

Millennials are always looked down upon because the older generations seem to think we always kill stuff — which is true enough with the bountiful headlines plastered on publications both paper and digital.

Well, Twitter user @theindiealto thought of working on all the headlines ever and well, the results were some sort of amazing.

Headlines read:

  • Are Millennials Killing The Car Industry?
  • Millennials have officially ruined brunch
  • Have Millennials Killed Hotel Loyalty Programs?
  • Millennials are killing department stores
  • How Millennials (Almost) Killed the Wine Cork

The list goes on and on but one thing’s for sure: We millennials have apparently killed. Things. Stuff. Probably.

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