WATCH: Fil-Am comedian Jo Koy is the funniest special on Netflix today

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Jo Koy is the latest hype on Netflix all thanks to his comedic antics which revolve around his mother, Josie Harrison.

In his latest video on Facebook, he admits that no one is more indirectly racist than a Filipino mom.

He explains that when his mother first met her son-in-law, she had a bit of a fright, telling “Josep” to bring her Louis Vuitton inside the room upon seeing him.

“I got so mad at my mom. I took her to the kitchen. Like, ‘Mom, are you kidding me? Just because he’s black, you want me to put your purse in the room?'”

“And then she got mad at me, and made me feel like the racist. Some Filipino jedi-shit.”

“She was like, ‘Oh, just because he’s black, Joseph? And I told you to put my purse in the room, you think your mother is a racist? Wooow, Joseph. Wow. Wooooow.'”

He tells the audience that his mom said “I would do that with any stranger, Joseph. White, Black, Latino, Asian, I don’t care! If I don’t know you, put my purse in the room! That’s a Louis Vuitton!”

The video already has over 1 million views overnight and it’s just getting more and more hits throughout the day.

“I am very proud of him and I can’t fathom that he is not on top of his career right now,” Josie tells ABS-CBN.

“Jo is very animated, with facial expression, the actions he uses especially when he is imitating me. Everybody is saying, ‘My god! When you hear Jo Koy, you hear his mom!”

Every episode is just a feel-good video thanks to the stand up comic. Jo Koy is definitely someone you need to watch on Netflix today, trust us. You’ll thank us later.

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