LOOK: Vans and Brothers Marshall’s collaboration is white sneaks goodness

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Vans and the Malibu local Brothers Marshall teamed up to create the perfect white sneakers just in time for summer.

“Regardless of your color, creed, sexual preference, ripping ability, you are a Bro,” Brothers Marshall mentions as if it was the big picture behind the collection.

Trace Marshall of Brothers Marshall tells Transworld Business, “Matt Nosbusch, who recently became the main designer of Vans Surf, is a friend of ours, and is pretty much the reason this collaboration got started.”

“Because of his footwear-savvy design background, he has made it his goal to involve Vans Surf in collaborations with historical, surf-culture references, rather than just relying on a big name. We actually started this process a few years ago, so it’s been rad to see it finally come to life.”

“What I find to be special in terms of this collaboration is that it’s special, but anyone can get it. The design in and of itself is pretty amazing, with the rainbow sole, and it’s not limited to a select group,” Marshall mentions.

The lineup is inclusive of board shorts, tees, sweatshirts and hats which are all accented with rainbow detail.

“We really feel like we’re a sub culture of a culture. We’re people who surf, but we aren’t surfers. Working with Vans is such a great opportunity for us.”

All photos from HighSnobiety.

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