LOOK: Harvest Gastro Pub tells this Filipino to be a maid because ‘that’s all you’re good for’

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Harvest Gastro Pub was a beloved jewel in Taguig with its accommodating staff and the yummy food, according to some regulars.

“They are very friendly and they really accommodate us (whether it’s for meetings or just unwinding after work),” one customer said.

Now, they’ve got new management and things have certainly changed, tainting the restaurant’s solid reputation.

“I got sad when I learned about the new management because I know it’s not going to be the same anymore. I went there once, around 10 am, to just have a quiet place to work. The owners blared the music at 10:45-11 which made me feel like they are trying to get me to leave already. The staff is new so I do not anyone that time. But please, improve your attitude! Your old staff (Kuya Randy, Jane etc. are so good that’s why we kept coming back).”

Reviews are usually given by customers in order for them to reach management for the improvement of services in case they were bad ones. This owner just so happens to have a knack for replying to them in an aggressive manner.

While it is fine to defend your restaurant, it is also fine to accept your faults. This particular owner had an all-out war with anyone who tried to say anything bad against Harvest.

The owner even resorted to telling one of the commenters to become a “maid” because “that’s what you’re good for.”

“You should leave your own country and go abroad to be a maid. Because that’s all you’re good for. Or maybe a yaya,” the owner responds.

The pvblic got their hands on a number of receipts, one with a lengthy on her experience with the new owner.

Ultimately, the owner deactivated the official Facebook page, stopping the hate from coming in and out.

Pro-tip: Maybe try to actually listen to customer feedback to improve your services and not dig your hole bigger by waging war against everyone who’s just trying to put their thoughts out there in hopes of having a better experience the next time? If there is a next time.

Restaurant owner Gabriel Dima has responded to the pvblic on the issue, mentioning that it was the customer who threw the first stone at them.

“This is very one sided and taken out of context. I was not aggresively defending my business. I was defending the honor of my wife and our staff. These people did not just comment. They made rude and even vulgar remarks about my wife and I, not caring about the facts. I could not stand for that. And as you can see, I never replied in a vulgar manner.”

“Sir, please understand that you only see bits taken out of context. None of it is accurate. I only reacted harshly when people posted vulgar remarks, not because they gave bad reviews or negative comments. I am sorry if this has caused you inconvenience in any way.”

He also posted on his page:

“All I can say now, and this will be my last post. After this, I will let common sense and kindheartedness behind, in the hope that we can all leave this behind us. No, I am not backing out because I am losing. I yield, because it is the right thing to do.
Once more, my humble apologies for the way I reacted. Not for defending truth and honor. Albeit the wrong way.
I hope that some of those people who used verbal abuse against me, my wife and our staff (who are all Filipino, I might add), will apologize to us for their foul language, but I am skeptical.
Let’s all share love on this beautiful medium we call internet and not hatred, verbal abuse, or personal photos of others. God is watching and forgiveness is divine. Peace.”

One person asked why he looked down on maids, to which he replied, “I by no means am, sir! Please come by the restaurant and talk to people who know me and let them tell you if I look down on any job. I only look down on people who resort to verbal abuse before knowing any facts and are only out to hurt the feelings of others.”

“All I was trying to do is point out that verbal abuse is not for educated people. I admit that I used the wrong way to do so,” Dima adds.

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