WATCH: This ‘Sweldo Na Ba’ video made by young professionals is the new anthem of millennials and it is sadly relatable AF

We The Pvblic

We all know the feeling of having to fight for dear life day to day when worse comes to worst and we have to crawl to sweldo day.

We postpone all the retail therapy, the lakad with friends, the binge eating just so we can save enough til the next payday.

These young professionals from Ogilvy & Mather made a music video that is sadly relatable AF and we’re not sure whether to laugh, or to cry about the reality of it. SWLDNB is the new anthem of millennials and we just needed to share it with the world.

The lyrics go:

Gapang na naman sa
Office ngayong umaga
Wallet walang laman at
Ako’y nababahala
Sawang-sawa na me sa
Gutom at kahirapan
Pero may bagong chika
At ang tanong ng bayan…
Sweldo na ba sweldo na ba-ah-ah 4x

*Throws 20 peso bills in the air*
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