LOOK: Ellen Adarna shares her STC high school yearbook photo with the pvblic

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Ellen Adarna has always been Ellen Adarna, even 15 years back in high school.

It says in her St. Theresa’s College Cebu high school yearbook, she was always the sassy girl back then, Ellen stating that she was a “suki” in the principal’s office.

“Ellen sits at the very pinnacle of the social ladder – the goddess of beauty and seemingly holding court with mere mortals. A charmer with a spunky wit and smile, she never fails to dazzle everyone with ingenious ideas that put any trendsetter to shame,” it says in her yearbook.

“Clever, yes, she most certainly is… and totally bound for prominence… the sassy girl!”

Some even say she looks like Kristine Hermosa at first glance.


All in all, people adored Ellen from her coming-of-age days to the whole puberty-hit-her-like-a-truck days. Hail, hail to thee. 👏

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