12 ‘Goodmorning sa lahat except’ tweets that’ll make your day extra sunny

We The Pvblic

Usually when we get goodmorning texts, it fills us with joy as we brace our phones’ bright screens while we rub our eyes to awaken. Sadly, there are goodmorning tweets that exclude some people.

1. Like this girl who just didn’t get her breakfast on.

2. And this one who had a special shoutout to pesky acne

3. Morning shade

4. Morning shade 2.0

5. All these tweets are getting personal.

6. Super personal. Shout out to the 2nd year highschool self of this person: U ~kawaii~

7. When you just don’t like a senator

8. And those people who don’t appreciate when you go the extra mile

9. When someone’s a bogus buyer

10. When you’re still not over those sad Jollibee ads.

11. To everyone who had a date on February 14

12. And finally, to all those naysayers.

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