16 Hilarious tweets about you and your crush that’ll leave you laughing for days

We The Pvblic

It’s time to unleash your inner hoe via Twitter.

1. When your crush passes by and your friend can’t help but echo it out for everyone to hear

2. When you just want to get crushie’s number

3. When your crush is taken

4. When your crush favorites one of your tweets

5. Kuya Guard isn’t taking none of your shit.

6. When you try to figure out why your crush doesn’t like you back

7. When you accidentally show the crushie a side of you they aren’t supposed to know yet

8. When crushie says you look good with bangs

9. From 0 to 100 real quick tweet

10. When you gotta incorporate wordplay

11. When crushie asks you if you’ve got a car

12. When health is life

13. Team CEU lang ako

14. When Du30 gets in the conversation

15. When you just want to study the anatomy of you & crushie

16. Lastly, when the semester gives you some real talk real quick


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