PSA: Online Catcalling is not and will never be okay, okay?

Kaka Corral

When did it become okay to look down on women as accessories to the fragile male ego?

As Ateneo instructor Nathania Chua put it, sexual violence starts with the objectification of people, whether intended or not. “The moment you think you’re entitled to make someone else feel uncomfortable because you need to make an overused and unfunny joke, stop,” she wrote.

Ryuko Mita posted a series of screenshots when she added a Jasper Angelo on Facebook, and the kid along with his friends forgot where they put their manners.

Jasper claims that Ryuko added him, but she begs to differ.

Stop letting people insist that it’s just harmless fun, because it isn’t. It’s rude, it’s vulgar, it’s not a compliment – it’s harassment.

When will these people learn? For these online harassers, do you really think people will look up to you for objectifying women with your friends, that in some magical way, your (probably) small genitalia might magically grow an inch? Well, it won’t.

It’s 2017. It’s time to start owning up to progress and actually making it happen. Step out of this misogynistic society and make a stand. It’s about time.

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