LOOK: This girl made calling cards, flyers for the next time she gets catcalled and it is awesome

Kaka Corral

This is Jara.

Jara has had enough of catcallers and sexual harassment on the streets and she decided it’s time for her to take a stand against these perpetrators.

She made calling cards along with flyers for her evil perpetrators who try to mess with her.

You know when those guys ask for your number? Well, give it to them.

Ever wondered what the cross-section of a penis looked like? Check it.

Are you ignorant and indecent? This list will help you find out. You may want to ask yourself the following questions.

And lastly, the best response to these catcallers.

If you want some copies, Jara has put her works in a place where the pvblic can download it. Shrink many of those penises.


Girl power.

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