Blue Palawan International Kite board Open 2017 is back for its second year!

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Blue Kite boarding is about enjoying life. It’s a world class, sustainable kite center, a brainchild of the most passionate wake style kite boarders in the industry. Blue Palawan Kite board Open is the first event of the year, and it’s happening on the second to third week of January!

It aims to promote the green approach to board sports mainly harnessing the power of the wind and adapting to the natural environment each space provides.

With it being the first and only pure wake style event in Asia, the event aims to be an annual gathering of the top wake style riders in a tropical kite park setting.

It’s going to be 10 days of fun under the sun to compete, spectate, relax and join in on the good times on and off the water!

The 2017 Blue Palawan Kite Open is back for its second year as the first event of the world renowned Kite Park League Tour.  A qualifying kickstarter event will held at Blue Palawan in the beautiful Puerto Princesa Palawan island in the Philippines on February 6 to 7.

Blue Palawan is located in a vast lagoon protected by a reef and mangrove sanctuary making the area a bio diverse environment with perfect flat waters and consistent shore winds from November to March.

The qualifier is open to anyone and everyone who has a knack for this new ecological sport. Now is the time to compete alongside the world’s best kite boarding park riding talents at the world’s most tropical kite park.

The top two men and two women from the qualifier will join the invited 24 riders on Tuesday, February 7 for opening celebrations. They will compete for their chance at the title during the main event to immediately follow the open qualifier from February 8th to 16th.

blue-palawan-press-conference-3-minblue-palawan-press-conference-1-minpaula-rosales-mineric-rienstra-paula-rosales-manuela-jungo-james-boulding_01-minAside from the big competition, there’s plenty of different activities for riders and guests to do, ranging from cultural activities, eco tours, trade fair and infamous lounge parties hosted by Blue Palawan with the Philippine’s premier house DJs.

For more information about getting there, accommodation, non-kiting activities and more, please visit

Invited Riders List and Registration Information are to follow. What are you waiting for? Sign up and take a break from all the work and hassles of everyday life!

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