LOOK: Turkish shops are letting in stray dogs due to the cold

We The Pvblic

Dogs are everything.

They’re our best buddy throughout everything and they always make our hearts feel warm and fluffy, just like them.

There literally isn’t anything they could do in this world to ever make us even ~hate~ them.

Although some puppers aren’t as lucky as others who have a place to call home. Some live on the streets, fending for their lives day in day out, trying to find scraps of food to eat, or to feed their family with.

Luckily for most of them in Turkey, some shop owners have opened up their doors for stray dogs to come in and spend the night because of the cold weather.

Our hearts have never been more touched.

Turkish people are lovely. Learn from this, people!

Standing ovation worthy.

They aren’t leaving out our other furry friends.

And who knows, maybe they’ll start adopting these little babies too!

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