Why you should join KD’s #AfterPaskuhan party

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“With KD, it’s always a hit,” the company’s famous tagline emphasizes.

As a semi-retired millennial partyphile, I have to note that I have seen parties that were flops. And don’t get me wrong, I know how hard it is to create a hit event out of nowhere – including all the costings, the venue, the DJs and other live acts, the contingency plan in case something doesn’t go right, the risks – it’s all there. It happens. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You can always bounce back and do better the next time around.

And I also have to note how young this company is. Five years in for Knockdown Events and Productions has passed and still, it is raging, raving into the best version of the company that it can be.

The University of Santo Tomas Paskuhan is the annual culmination of the university-wide Christmas activities with renowned local talents and the festive, well-awaited Paskuhan lights and Christmas tree which you can stroll under with bae (or just your squad if you don’t have a bae). To cap the night off is always the best part of it – the finale – aka fireworks. *Cue Coldplay’s Yellow*

The Varsitarian
The Varsitarian

UST holds a key space in the company’s heart – may it be because majority of their young millennial promoters hail from the school, or the proximate distance of their office from campus (they’re like neighbors, fam); all we know is, KD is hauling in the dough and all the love from the adoring pvblic.

kd-1kd-2Thus, #AfterPaskuhan was born.

kd-3kd-4And since KD’s first #AfterPaskuhan event in 2014, they have been exceeding expectations from all of their fans.

kd-590% of the total population of UST (an estimated 42,000-44,000) support and participate in the annual EDM music festival, not to mention outsiders loyal to the KD’s parties.

And honestly, KD’s lineup is so solid that one look lets you know that it’s going to be a great year-ender.

They take this one out on the streets along V. Concepcion, Dapitan, just a few steps away from campus. Notable special guests and acts showing up are the Pring duo – Victor and Joyce Pring, Deuce Manila (Patty Tiu in the house!), Ace Ramos, Adrian Cob, Miko Villena, MC Monti Comia, DJ X-Factor, and a lot more.

And I don’t know about you but if they can plan an event and have a chill vacay in Bali, Indonesia at the same time, I’m sold – they’re pretty good, fam.

If you have no idea what a good party is, by all means, take a bit out of your December 16, 2016 and spend it in the streets with KD. If you don’t have a good time, sue them (Char lang). But really, we’re only young once and we can only do so many mistakes in this life with the little time that we have; I guarantee that this will not be one.

Grab some tickets and experience the #KDCulture this 2016! You can contact them through Twitter since they’re millennial AF, or inquire here: 09062141742.

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