LISTEN: ‘Kalma’ by BSTRDPRNCE ft. Velle is the new local millennial EDM sound we’ve been looking for

Kaka Corral

EDM has evolved throughout the years of its birth, with a broad range of electronic music genres usually made for the night scene. Nightclubs and rave festivals always have a solid lineup from the veterans to the newbies who’re just breaking through the EDM music scene.

Most times, they remix widely-famous songs for the crowd to listen to their music, for the pvblic to rave to their bass drops, for the joy of sharing their music with others.

But what’s next? What happens when you’ve remixed every famous EDM song possible and the ravers are all hyped up, just waiting, anticipating your next drop?

You make your own banger hit.


Local DJ BSTRDPRNCE made a hauntingly beautiful chill collaboration with Velle called Kalma and it hits you right in the feel of the long cold nights and the deepest trenches of your thoughts.

It’s the feeling of staring at your phone, hoping for the best and expecting the worst, waiting for something that you know isn’t coming. In the midst of the loneliness and the blank expression on your face, you feel calm.

That’s when the beat drops and Velle’s husky tone gives justice to our beloved word for expressing emotions: Tangina.

From the soothing start to the drop, all the notes quite fit in. I love the fact that the DJ added some notes from an organ in between drops, making it sound a bit more than just the usual beat drop meant to rile the crowd up. The music spoke for itself and it had the soul sound that we haven’t heard much in the electronic dance music scene yet.

This is a great start for the local Filipino millennial talents in the industry and we certainly can’t wait to hear more from the artist and others who follow suit!

Listen to the full version below:

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