Best ‘What’s Your Ulam, Pare?’ posts we’ve seen

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If you aren’t aware of the latest social media trend, someone created the What’s your ulam pare? group on Facebook just to share what your ulam is.

And weirdly enough, it gained thousands of members and people are actually sharing what their ulam is. DUH.

Check out their admin’s rules:

Yo Pare whats up?! Just a few ULAM notes.

1. Only ULAM related posts shall be allowed pare. Including drinks and desserts pare.

2. Kindly identify the ULAM pare.

3. Where did your ULAM come from pare.

4. Pare DO NOT post bawas/ubos na ulam. Because it tastes better when shared.

5. Love one another pare. Respect.

6. Offensive/ tasteless posts shall be deleted. Why? Kase hindi masarap pare.

7. Foul language (bad words) will not be tolerated mga pare.

8. Pls also note that in this group, the use of “pare” is universal. It is a term of endearment.

Note: Taste and opinions posted by the members does not necessarily reflect on the opinions and taste of the moderators/admins

Pls comment BELOW where you are from in order to bump up this post. Thanks.

Pray before you eat.

Muchas Gracias pare.

It’s a great stress-reliever and it brings together all the foodies out there in Manila. Here’s some of the best WYUP posts we’ve seen so far:

1. Ginilingan!


2. Petmalu pare


3. #Rapsa


4. Nakakagutom help


5. So peculiar.


6. For all the pineapple pizza lovin’ people out there


7. Wagyu all you can


Join the WYUP group yourself!

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